Artist Statement

Judy Coker

I was in the midst of a career as a violinist and teacher, when I began to recall my childhood passion for drawing and painting.  As consuming and wonderful as a musician’s life is, I knew something was missing. I looked for a way to strike a balance in my life between the two disciplines, and to do both well.  It is possible, and I have the encouraging model of others who have done so before me.  So, already in my 50’s, I began in earnest to find my voice as an artist.

I gravitate to animals and people as subjects, and I enjoy the brilliance and clarity of acrylics to give them life.  But the array of expressive possibilities offered by simple graphite and colored pencils is amazing to me, and much of my work is done with them.

As you browse my gallery, I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed creating them.  Click on any painting that interests you, to enlarge the image and to display purchase options.

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